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 Mother of Baby Gabriel goes on hunger strike

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PostSubject: Mother of Baby Gabriel goes on hunger strike   Wed Apr 14, 2010 4:42 pm

PHOENIX - 23-year-old Elizabeth Johnson, the woman imprisoned for kidnapping her son Gabriel and refusing to tell police where he is, has gone on a hunger strike and written a will to prepare for her death.

Following the submission of her will, Johnson was placed in the jail's psychiatric unit for evaluation. Sheriff Joe fears that she may suicidal based on the way she talked about her death in her will.

About two weeks ago, jailers placed Johnson on the Sheriff's nutra-loaf system after she allegedly attacked two other inmates. Sheriff Joe says she sprayed two inmates with window cleaner.

The loaf consists of nonfat dry milk powder, an assortment of fruits and vegetables, chili powder, and bread dough all compacted into one solid brick-like loaf.

The nutra-loaf system aims to deter inmates from misbehaving or assaulting others. They are served the nutra-loaf in isolation, instead of a sack lunch in the morning and a hot meal in the evening.

The diet, sometimes called "bread and water," has raised controversy like many of the Sheriff's initiatives. Just last week, claims that the nutra-loaf was unconstitutional punishment were dismissed.

Johnson is apparently refusing to eat the nutra-loaf, saying it's "rotten food with worms in it," and has gone on a hunger strike. Sheriff Joe says the bread is perfectly healthy. Read Johnson's will below, transcribed from her own handwriting.

Gabriel Johnson was 8 months old when he went missing in December. Johnson told her ex-boyfriend Logan McQueary she killed Gabriel and left his body in a dumpster, but told police she gave the child to an unknown couple at a San Antonio park. A search of a San Antonio landfill proved fruitless.

My Advanced Directive & Will (dated 4/9/2010)

I am writing my advanced directive and will because I am incarcerated in Estrella jail and they are starving me and serving rotten food with worms in it. I haven't eaten in over 7 days and barely can write this. The water… makes us sick. I feel they will let me starve to death rather than feeding me safe, edible food. I don't want an autopsy, I do not wish to donate any organs/body parts. That is against my religion. I wish my grandmother be contacted [phone number] only. I wish to be cremated right away, put in a box not an urn and brought to mass to be buried above my mother's grave. I know my grandmother Sylvia [last name] will arrange this for me. White lilies for me is all. I don't think I'll have time to have my lawyer notarize this because I am starving and so weak and dehydrated so I will put a tank order in for a notary. I love you Marzzy. I am sorry be happy for us.
Sincerely, Elizabeth Johnson

This letter bothers me , as well as complaining about those nutri loaves. They are more than some children get to eat in this country, let alone third world countries. What a brat!

She says in the end of the letter I am sorry be happy for us. Who is Us?
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PostSubject: Re: Mother of Baby Gabriel goes on hunger strike   Wed Apr 14, 2010 5:21 pm

Or worse...
A narcissistic drama queen off medication!
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Mother of Baby Gabriel goes on hunger strike
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