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 5-Year Old Hassani Campbell Still Missing

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PostSubject: 5-Year Old Hassani Campbell Still Missing   Sat Aug 15, 2009 11:46 am

I'm extremely upset about the lack of communication in this day and age of technology making it so easy to just get it right the first time!

5-year old Hassani Campbell still missing

5-year old Hassani Campbell who disappeared on Monday is still missing. Louis Ross, Hassani's foster father and the one who last saw Hassani, took a lie detector test on Thursday. The results have not been announced. Friday, Ross spoke with Nancy Grace of CNN.

"As normal routine, I would pull into the back parking...there is a little back parking lot behind the store, that would accommodate about 2-4 cars. I would pull into the parking spot then proceed to basically get out of my side, walk around and open up the door for Hassani, because that was our normal routine," Ross told Nancy Grace.

Ross said that he told Hassani to go stand by the back door and he walked, carrying Hassani's sister to the front of the store to tell his wife, Jennifer, to open the back door of the store. When he circled back Hassani was gone.

The message that Ross wanted everyone to know was that Hassani was not wearing silver leg braces but actually small braces on his ankles that most people wouldn't notice. He doesn't want the public looking for a child with leg braces, and possibly missing seeing Hassani.
If you have any information please contact the police.

WHY, in the crucial first hours of Hassani's disappearance was the public not notified that he was erroneously reported to be wearing leg braces and could not walk very well??? All it would have taken was:

Like a Star @ heaven Foster dad calling police.
Like a Star @ heaven Dispatcher announcing correction.
Like a Star @ heaven A call to media with update.

This would have taken less than 5 minutes, yet we have to wait until after the crucial first 24 hours to read about this? Due to this false information being released, any witnesses who saw Hassani would have thought nothing of it because he didn't have leg braces on.

The further we progress with technology, the worse we get with communication and I just don't understand it! Why is this happening?
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5-Year Old Hassani Campbell Still Missing
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